on March 14, 2018


The Project Management Services offered by Luxury Design Dosei are relatively new on the Romanian construction market.

Our collaborations with teams of architects, design engineers and other industry specialists have made possible the successful completion of projects at the highest industry standards.

Vincentiu Tion is a managing partner at Luxury Design Dosei, who has 13 years of experience in the construction project execution sector (projects in Romania and abroad). His expertise brings value and a diversity of services to our company, including planning, design coordination, bidding, cost control and project management. He has undertaken various construction projects in the residential, industrial and commercial segment but also in the logistic one.


  1. Project Management
  2. Construction Management
  3. Cost Management
  4. Procurement of materials & Contractors
  5. Interior design
  6. MEP Design
  7. Due Diligence
  8. Project monitoring
  9. Safety & Heath Management


  • Fast-moving consumer goods industry;
  • Warehousing and Logistics;
  • Commercial Sector;
  • Industry;
  • Office Building;


  • The project management services provided by Luxury Design Dosei are customized to meet every project’s needs.
  • The focus is on the deliverables of the project, taking into consideration the typical constraints such as : purpose, time, quality, budget and resources.
  • Luxury Design Dosei uses procedures that are in conformity with the project management methodology to ensure the supervision, control, analysis and completion of each stage of the project.

Beginning with the Start-up phase of a project, Luxury Design Dosei functions as an extension of its client’s interests by placing the management of the project’s design and its delivery at the center of its services;

  • Starting with the initial, bidding phase, we manage every aspect in order to meet our client’s requirements – from choosing the constructors, supervising the site, so that everything is done in conformity with the contracts, to obtaining the operation certificate once the closing and handing in of the project takes place.
    In all of these phases, our focus is on cost optimization as well as on efficient time management, all done in the client’s interest.


  • Luxury Design Dosei can provide its clients with an initial cost estimation based on the project’s planning, an investment cash-flow, cost forecasts, cost monitoring, project budget management and reporting, and the quality control of the project’s activities / phases.


  • Luxury Design Dosei assists and advises the client for the entire set of procurement services: pre-qualification of bidders, questionnaires, selection and choice of a contractor, initialization of bidding documentation including: lists of quantities, specifications, specific requirements, contract form, tender evaluations, negotiating and awarding the contract to an entrepreneur and / or to contractors.


  • We provide the full range of architectural services for both residential and industrial buildings, covering all the stages of authorization: from obtaining the urbanization certificate, the construction permit and authorizing and obtaining development projects like PUZ, DATC to PTh-technical design and DE execution details.

Luxury Design Dosei can provide design services for both residential and industrial projects, covering all authorization stages, from PZ, concepts and DTAC – technical documentation for construction authorization to complete PTh and DE projects.


  • Providing TDD – technical due diligence services, assures the beneficiary of compliance with the standards and rules in force and of an analysis regarding: the project and the documents generated by it, the materials used according to the project’s specifications, the existing problems and the authorizations, as well as with a report on the management ownership regarding requirements and comments on existing or proposed maintenance services.


  • By acting from the point of view of the entity that provides the financing of the project – the bank or the investment fund – Luxury Design Dosei can deliver both technical and financial follow-up services by tracking and reporting within a set timeframe the progress of the project compared to the initial agreed basis.
    These have a focus on confirming the values made in terms of cost, quality and time in relation to the amounts invested and paid, including quality tracking and its approval, as well as the time spent on each execution phase.


  • To perform all the activities that a project is running / executing at the highest standards, in a safe and sustainable way, Luxury Design Dosei can ensure the implementation of safety and health procedures related to the follow-up of contractors in the execution of the project.


  • More than 200,000 m 2 of logistics and production halls;
  • Over 100,000 m 2 of office buildings
  • Over 100,000 m 2 shopping centers;
  • Over 300,000 m 2 of concrete platforms;
  • The First Glass Recycling Factory in Romania;
  • Projects with a budget of over 10M euro.